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March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter
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Hello, I hope you were able to accomplish and celebrate some wins in February. As you know, last month I launched my monthly newsletter suasponte! Please enjoy the second issue and have a productive March.

#Legal Update

Courts Disagree Over Marital Testimonial Privilege Waivers

A married person has the right not to testify against that person’s spouse (Evidence Code § 971) and not to be called as a witness, if that person’s spouse is a party, by a party adverse to that person’s spouse (Evidence Code § 971). These are known as the testimonial privileges, which are different from the privilege protecting confidential marital communications (Evidence Code § 980). The purpose of these marital privileges is to encourage and preserve confidences between spouses and promote harmony.

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The Value of a Key Case Citation List

For several years, I have maintained and updated a list of legal propositions and precedents that I can easily find when needed. I organize the legal citations by subject matter and store them in a Google document that allows me to quickly locate what I need for a meet and confer letter, email, brief, or argument. Click here to my case citation list.


Remind Yourself

I’ve been using followupthen.com as an email follow-up productivity tool for several years. It allows you to send a reminder to yourself or someone else. The reminder comes back as an email at the scheduled time with the original email, so you have the complete context. To be reminded of follow-up, you don’t have to check other applications, enter to-dos, or calendar reminders.

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#worth your time

“Grit” by Angela Duckworth

In her book, “Grit,” Angela Duckworth addresses the question of what it takes to be successful. Why do some people realize their goals while others don't? What makes the difference?

Duckworth went to West Point Academy to try to identify which cadets would make it and which ones would drop out. She also worked with spelling bee contestants to attempt to identify which ones would advance the furthest.

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#What I'm listening to now

Fly on the Wall

I am listening to the podcast “Fly on the Wall.” Dana Carvey & David Spade interview Saturday Night Live alumni about memorable skits, cast members, hosts, writers and musical guests.